Thank you for a great OpenStack Days Nordic 2016

Özgür BalEvent

Last week 7 months of planning culminated in the 2016 edition of OpenStack Days Nordic. 300 guests came to The Brewery in Stockholm to learn more about OpenStack in general and the Nordic OpenStack community in particular and we are thrilled over the response.

We are very thankful for all the support we got from The OpenStack Foundation, our event partners, the speakers, our program committee and of course the community who decided to attend the event. We hope that you found this to be a great spot to meet with peers in the Nordic OpenStack community and that you will continue to contribute to the success of OpenStack in the Nordics.


What happens next?

In a couple of weeks we will start planning for next years event which will be held in Copenhagen. All information, dates, venue and deadlines will be up on our web page during this fall/winter. The attendee survey has been sent out to all attendees and we urge all of you to take the time to give us some feedback.


Videos and photos

All keynotes and Track sessions were recorded and can be found here along with some snapshots from the day.


 Interesting stats

  • 300 guests attended the event
  • 95% of the registered guests showed up (only 15 didn’t)
  • 50% of registrations occurred in the last 14 days before the event
  • Top countries represented
    • Sweden
    • United Kingdom
    • Finland
    • Germany, Norway, United States
    • France




A word from the organisers and members of the program committee

I started working on this project back in February of 2016 when Tom Fifield, Community Manager at OpenStack Foundation, visited Stockholm. During that meeting we discussed the state of the Nordic OpenStack community and the need to activate, nurture and grow. One thing we discussed was the fact that the Nordic region, albeit technically skilled and innovative in may areas, had yet to embrace OpenStack at scale. Or at least nobody was talking about their OpenStack journey – we had heard rumours of deployments and tests here and there but apart from the company I’m working for, I only knew of a handful of other companies who were invested in OpenStack in the Nordic region. So perhaps all we needed was a catalyst to get a better view of who’s doing what, who’s involved and where the community is heading. Bringing the OpenStack Days franchise to the Nordics has certainly made an impact in the community and working with the event has been quite the journey. Im very proud of this accomplishment and both amazed and thankful for all the support we have had along the way.

/Özgür Bal, VP-Marketing, City Network


Özgür and I have been working on several events and other projects over the years and when I was asked to join in on throwing the first ever OpenStack Days Nordic I didn’t hesitate one second. At that time I was working with op5, and was managing partnerships with Open Virtualization Alliance and The Linux Foundation, and the general discussions where aiming more and more towards OpenStack and what it would mean for the future of cloud computing. Then this opportunity presented itself to take part and to help drive awareness and interest for OpenStack in the Nordics and also creating a meeting place where innovation and collaboration can take place among organisations and companies. For me it has been an incredible journey to help with organising this event. The end result was amazing with the number of guest, speakers and all the positive feedback we got.  I believe that OpenStack has a bright future in the Nordics and we are glad to that so many could be a part of this and we are already looking forward to next year.

/Andreas Månsson, Digital Marketing Manager, Ericsson


As part of the programme committee, I am so glad to have had such a great steering group that gave the best out of their experience to select the final speakers. We received 40+ applications  and it was challenging to select only 12 of them due to the fact they were all valuable arguments for the OpenStack community. The event was amazing and the response from the audience was say the least sensational, giving us more and more enthusiasm while discovering new vibes about Openstack through stories from the industrial world and research.

/Stefano Cucciella, Marketing Strategist, DEK Technologies


It was a very well organised event with a real community commitment – thank you for attending and contributing to the community. OpenStack Day Nordic was a great example how an OpenStack Day must be run, I really enjoyed the morning keynotes and the CERN story and I’m really happy that Jonathan Bryce and many other members of the OpenStack Foundation showed up. It was a great surprise how much people attended, and I felt the crowd in the expo area.

/Marton Kíss, GM Europe, Aptira


The OpenStack Day Nordic brought together users, contributors and leading figures of the OpenStack project.
This event was an excellent opportunity to get hear inspiring user stories, get answers to some pressing technical questions,
get an overview of the OpenStack vendors in the region and of course strengthen the contacts with the local community.
Keynotes and the session talks generated vivid discussions both between the speakers and the audience, as well as
within the audience, signalling a genuine interest from the attendees.

We look forward to the upcoming Nordic OpenStack Day in 2017 in Copenhagen!

/Nicolae Paladi, Researcher, PHD Candidade, SICS