The information you have entered here is collected on behalf of the OpenStack Days Nordic event which is co-organised by City Network Hosting AB, Ericsson, op5 and DEK Technologies as well as the OpenStack Foundation. It is used for the sole purpose of the OpenStack Days Nordic event. Your information will not be shared with organisers, event partners, vendors or other 3rd parties for any other purposes than the event and community building activities.

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which the organisers of OpenStack Days Nordic collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users of any of any web site hosted under the following DNS domains.


as well as all related subdomains and 3:rd party apps that specifically point to this privacy policy.


How we handle your personal information – Step by step

  • Visiting our web page(s)
    • Anonymous visitor data is sent to Google Analytics so that we can get a better picture of how our visitors interact with our web page.
  • Signing up for our newsletter
    • Your e-mail address is sent to Mailchimp.
    • We will send event specific information and various forms of OpenStack Days Nordic promotions. You can opt out at any time.
  • Purchasing of tickets/registering for an event
    • Your information is collected by Confetti to handle your payment and to give us a list of attendees.
    • You will be automatically added to our confetti specific mailinglist to receive event specific information.
    • Your e-mail address will also be added to our Mailchimp mailing list to which we send event specific information and various forms of OpenStack Days Nordic promotions.
    • You can opt out from both or either list at any time.


More about your attendee information

  • Will NOT be shared with our event sponsors
  • Will be sent to our vendors (Mailchimp, Confetti, Google) and handled according to the Data Processing Agreements we have signed with each vendor.
  • Will NOT be used by the event organisers other than for event-related matters.
  • Some of your information will be printed on name tags which include QR codes for easy scanning on premise.
    • You can easily opt out of sharing your details by declining others to scan your code at the event.

Personal information gathered by the OpenStack Foundation is handled in accordance with the Foundation’s Privacy Policy and is used for internal purposes only. The OpenStack Privacy Policy is available at


Code of Conduct

Please review the OpenStack Foundation Community Code of Conduct at