Thank you for a great OpenStack Days Nordic 2016

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Last week 7 months of planning culminated in the 2016 edition of OpenStack Days Nordic. 300 guests came to The Brewery in Stockholm to learn more about OpenStack in general and the Nordic OpenStack community in particular and we are thrilled over the response. We are very thankful for all the support we got from The OpenStack Foundation, our event partners, the … Read More

Sandisk & Nexenta supports OpenStack Days Nordic

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Last up in our Sponsor spotlight series is Sandisk & Nexenta who both chose to partner with OpenStack Days Nordic. We asked Anders Blomberg from Sandisk and Rob Bloemendal from Nexenta about their thoughs before the big day.   Anders Blomberg, Sandisk Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordic? Sandisk is a contributor of Openstack … Read More

Canonical supports OpenStack Days Nordic as a partner

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Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu becomes another strong partner for OpenStack Days Nordic in Stockholm on September 22. Canonical representing Ubuntu is a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation board and has since 2011, included the latest version of OpenStack in every Ubuntu release. Also made every OpenStack release available for recent long-term support Ubuntu release (LTS) in their unique … Read More

Jonathan Bryce to speak at OpenStack Days Nordic

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On September 22, 2016, OpenStack Days Nordic is arranged for the first time. The event, which takes place in Stockholm, is gathering the Nordic OpenStack community for a day filled with keynotes, success stories and networking opportunities. Today we have the pleasure of presenting Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of OpenStack Foundation, as one of the keynote speakers at the event. … Read More

OpenStack Days Nordic Keynote Spotlight: Jan van Eldik

Andreas MånssonSpeakers

In this last OpenStack Days Nordic Keynote spotlight  we talked to Jan van Eldik from CERN. Jan van Eldik is one of three keynote speakers that are presenting at OpenStack Days Nordic.   Tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live and work? What do you do surrounding OpenStack? I am trained as a high-energy physicist, and worked … Read More

Announcing the OpenStack Days Nordic track speakers

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We are pleased to announce the full schedule with three key note speakers and twelve track speakers for the first ever OpenStack Days Nordic which will take place on September 22 in Stockholm. The event will include rich technical content ranging from case studies to deep technical sessions that will appeal all levels from pure technologists to CTO’s. The speakers … Read More

Win a free pass to the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

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We have received 1 free pass to the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, donated by The OpenStack Foundation, and have decided to launch a competition amongst all the OpenStack Days Nordic attendees. To enter the contest you first need a ticket to OpenStack Days nordic. Please read the terms. Good Luck!   Win a free pass to the OpenStack Summit in … Read More

IDG becomes OpenStack Days Nordic Media Partner

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IDG Recruitment & Leadership (IDG R&L) IDG R&L is a specialist in recruitment of it-professionals. Our goal is to help the it-professionals in their it career; as a trusted advisor with huge benefits as we can offer new jobs, tests, mentoring, newsletters, networking, and events. Our platform,, offers a range of different opportunities for people in the industry and … Read More

Rackspace becomes OpenStack Days Nordic sponsor

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Rackspace the global leader in hybrid cloud and co-founder of OpenStack joins OpenStack Days Nordic as sponsor. Rackspace have delivered enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world since 1998 and have grown to serve more than 205,000 customers. We spoke to Frank Weyns, Director, OpenStack International at Rackspace about the Rackspaces decision to join … Read More

Nordic Frames becomes OpenStack Days Nordic media partner

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Nordic Frames joins OpenStack Days Nordic as a media partner and will be responsible for all video recordings during the event. Nordic Frames is a full service video production company located in Karlskrona, Sweden. Nordic Frames offer digital content for various purposes together with tailored event- and broadcast solutions. We got the opportunity to have a brief chat with Philip Friberg, … Read More