Keynote Speaker Spotlight – Thierry Carrez

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We are proud to announce our second keynote speaker for OpenStack Days Nordic – Copenhagen 2017.

Thierry Carrez is the Vice-President of Engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, helping ensure the long-term health of the OpenStack upstream open source project. He has been the Release Manager for the OpenStack project since its inception, coordinating the effort and facilitating collaboration between contributors. He is the elected chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee, which is in charge of the technical direction of the project.

Thierry has spoken about OpenStack, open innovation and open source project management at various conferences around the world, including OSCON, LinuxCon, and FOSDEM. A Python Software Foundation fellow, he was previously the Technical lead for Ubuntu Server at Canonical, an operational manager for the Gentoo Linux Security Team, and an IT manager in various companies.


Tell us a little about yourself? Where do you live and work? What do you do within OpenStack?

“I work from home, living in a small village in the centre of France. I do a lot of travel though, so I like being able to alternate between socially-intensive travel weeks and work-focused weeks at home. I do not maintain an ideal work/life balance, but when I can I play table tennis, ride horses or go snowboarding. I also try to spend more and more time on my digital photography hobby.”


What’s your favourite project to work on in OpenStack? What’s your speciality?

“In OpenStack I’ve been mostly involved in general project coordination, governance and release management. Trying to keep the OpenStack community healthy and productive. With the explosive growth of OpenStack, that is not exactly a smooth ride. But then if it was smooth, it would not be as fun.”


What are your expectations for this second OpenStack Days Nordic event?

“The OpenStack Nordic event last year in Stockholm was a big success: lots of attendees from various backgrounds, interesting talks and great organization. The community in the area is very active and motivated, and it was a pleasure to attend last year. I’m very happy to be able to talk again at the event!”


What do you think the audience will take away from your Keynote session?

“OpenStack is an open infrastructure framework with lots of different components. It is sometimes difficult to get a clear view of where each piece fits in the big picture, and this diversity makes OpenStack appear more architecturally complex than it really is. I hope my keynote session will shine some light on this, and that the audience will get a clearer view on the OpenStack family, and which problems it can solve for them, as a result.”


Looking at the horizon, what do you think the future of Open Source looks like?

“We are seeing open source and open innovation in all parts of the software stack. As software “eats the world” and becomes an integral part of every human activity, open source has a critical role to play, binding producers and consumers of the code into a cohesive whole. OpenStack’s role in this play is to provide the base of an open, programmable infrastructure, base onto which various infrastructure technologies can be deployed, linked through the same networks and sharing the same storage.”


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