T-Systems Nordic Sponsors OpenStack Days Nordic

Markus BlombergPartners

Leveraging a global infrastructure comprising data centers and networks, T-Systems provides small, medium-sized and multinational companies ICT solutions for an increasingly complex digital world. In addition to services from the cloud, the range of services is centered around M2M and security solutions, complementary mobile communications and fixed network products, and solutions for virtual collaboration and IT platforms, all of which … Read More

Canonical is Now a Sponsor of OpenStack Days Nordic 2017

Markus BlombergPartners

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the leading Linux platform for cloud and container based computing. With Ubuntu, Canonical gives developers the freedom to innovate with highly scalable, cloud native and distributed open source technologies. With hundreds of employees in many countries, Canonical provides commercial services to companies deploying Ubuntu, OpenStack Kubernetes and many other open source technologies. Background Mark Baker … Read More

OpenStack Days Nordic Welcomes SUSE as a Sponsor

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SUSE is a pioneer in open source software, providing reliable, interoperable Linux and cloud infrastructure solutions that help enterprises increase agility, manage complexity and reduce cost. More than 25+ years of engineering excellence and exceptional service allow SUSE to adapt and deliver the smarter innovation customers need to succeed. BACKGROUND Carl has extensive experience and market knowledge working with enterprise … Read More

Avi Networks Sponsors OpenStack Days Nordic

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Avi Networks delivers converged application services including load balancing, application performance monitoring, predictive autoscaling, service discovery, API-driven automation, and security in a software-only platform. The platform overcomes the challenges of legacy hardware load balancers which don’t scale on demand, are expensive, and are ill-suited for modern distributed applications. Avi’s Elastic Application Services Fabric uses a software-defined architecture consisting of distributed … Read More

Sponsorship sales starts in less than 20 hours

Özgür BalPartners

We are closing in on one of our major deadlines and tomorrow morning marks the start of sponsorship sales for OpenStack Days Nordic. On 19 April, at 9am CET, the signing process will be opened to the public and all sponsorship requests are served on a first sign, first served basis. Why you should consider sponsoring the event OpenStack Days … Read More

Sandisk & Nexenta supports OpenStack Days Nordic

Özgür BalPartners

Last up in our Sponsor spotlight series is Sandisk & Nexenta who both chose to partner with OpenStack Days Nordic. We asked Anders Blomberg from Sandisk and Rob Bloemendal from Nexenta about their thoughs before the big day.   Anders Blomberg, Sandisk Why did you decide to become a partner to the OpenStack Days Nordic? Sandisk is a contributor of Openstack … Read More

Canonical supports OpenStack Days Nordic as a partner

Özgür BalPartners

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu becomes another strong partner for OpenStack Days Nordic in Stockholm on September 22. Canonical representing Ubuntu is a Platinum Member of the OpenStack Foundation board and has since 2011, included the latest version of OpenStack in every Ubuntu release. Also made every OpenStack release available for recent long-term support Ubuntu release (LTS) in their unique … Read More

IDG becomes OpenStack Days Nordic Media Partner

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IDG Recruitment & Leadership (IDG R&L) IDG R&L is a specialist in recruitment of it-professionals. Our goal is to help the it-professionals in their it career; as a trusted advisor with huge benefits as we can offer new jobs, tests, mentoring, newsletters, networking, and events. Our platform, csjobb.se, offers a range of different opportunities for people in the industry and … Read More

Rackspace becomes OpenStack Days Nordic sponsor

Andreas MånssonPartners

Rackspace the global leader in hybrid cloud and co-founder of OpenStack joins OpenStack Days Nordic as sponsor. Rackspace have delivered enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world since 1998 and have grown to serve more than 205,000 customers. We spoke to Frank Weyns, Director, OpenStack International at Rackspace about the Rackspaces decision to join … Read More